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About us

Just the best team

In 2017, the legal landscape in Mexico was about to be transformed by a different vision. Carlos Valderrama, our founder, on the verge of a career at the top of a prominent law firm, chose a different path, inspired by the principles of Lean Startup, Disruptive Innovation and Conscious Capitalism.


The history

With a modest initial capital of $1,500, he began his odyssey into the emerging world of legal startups. While traditional firms wrapped themselves in luxury, Carlos opted for austerity and substance: No marble at the reception desk, no sequoia tables in boardrooms, no Herman Miller chairs, no ostentatious artwork surrounding him, no office, and no Mercedes-Benz to go visit clients. Carlos simply opted for a minimalist version: his vision, a computer and the cloud. His goal was not only to transform law, but to do it Christensen's way: in an innovative and disruptive way.

Carlos saw the potential in areas like FinTech (financial technology) and Blockchain (blockchain technology), underserved sectors but full of innovators with big dreams and small budgets ready to reshape wealth in Latin America, to generate greater financial inclusion and opportunity. And when these sectors began to flourish, Legal Paradox® was already there, ready to lead.

Nuestro equipo

The real stars

Recognition was not long in coming and Carlos' disruptive vision caught the attention of the industry. He was recognized by prestigious firms such as Chambers and Partners, Leaders League and others, which ranked him as part of the top 2% of FinTech lawyers in the world.

Later, he was recognized as one of the "Most Disruptive Digital Lawyers in Mexico" by Foro Juridico, as a "LinkedIn Creator" and finally as one of the 5 "LinkedIn Top Voice in Finance for Latin America".


But more than the awards and recognitions, what marked Carlos was the power of his personal story: from humble beginnings to being recognized globally and being side by side with law firms that on average have more than 84 years of history and, above all, having the ability to challenge the status quo at every step.

Despite his personal recognition, Carlos has always attributed his success to his team and their mission to transform Latin America and position it where it deserves to be.


Legal Paradox® not only seeks to bring disruptive innovation to the world, it aspires to redefine it. We believe that law and exponential technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are tools to empower, not to obstruct.

With over 400+ clients advised, including 7 unicorns and 5 banks, in every action, we seek to break barriers and change paradigms. Inspired by adaptability, we constantly look for ways to say how it is possible to achieve what was considered impossible, to find solutions with a fervent desire to transform.

Legal Paradox® is not just a firm, it is a movement, a statement that the legal world can, and must, evolve. We invite you to join us as a client, strategic ally or advocate for change. Together, we will make history.

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