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With a mission to empower the blockchain technology sector in Mexico and Latam, our Blockchain practice was established in 2017, when most people were just beginning to hear the word blockchain technology. We were the only legal firm with a team that was already part of global task forces, blockchain associations and amazing projects that are transforming the world transaction by transaction.

We all know blockchain technology is changing fast, along with the regulatory compliance challenges surrounding anti money laundering, capital markets, securities law, cryptocurrency transactions, intellectual property, cryptocurrency fraud, litigation, cybersecurity, so we need a new approach from enforcement regulation, blockchain law, blockchain attorneys and law firms.

In the case where a client, investors, venture capitalists or company is building out projects that involve distributed ledger technology, blockchain transactions, digital asset, virtual currency, smart contracts, initial coin offering, tokenizing of real estate, securities, financial services, or financial institutions through virtual currency transactions, venture capital, cryptocurrency investments, supply chain, NTFs, Metaverses, Stablecoins or even CBDCs, doubts mount so it pays to consult the guide we put together with the world´s leading blockchain lawyers.

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Mexico Blockchain 

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Global Legal Insights

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations 2022 | Mexico

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Blockchain Comparative Guide

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Virtual Currencies Comparative Guide

Legal Paradox® and our blockchain lawyers will hepl you create the legal blockchain solutions you need to succeed your legal issues!


Non fungible token (NFTs), useless, niche art thing or a great innovation?


Digital Currencies issued by Central Banks


Stable currencies and FATF and BIS recommendations

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