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The best team of FinTech lawyers in Mexico

Specialists in Regulatory Matters of Financial Technology Institution regulation

¿Why we are on FinTech?

Since 2017, when FinTech Startups were emerging in Mexico, at Legal Paradox® we already recognized their transformative potential in the financial services. Our mission became clear: to lead in Financial Technology services, thus creating the first law firm in Mexico devoted exclusively to advance legal support for FinTech Firms and Financial Institutions, shifting from traditional legal skepticism to fostering technological innovation in the financial service thus generating financial inclusion.

With this foresight, we played a pivotal role in negotiating and advocating for the corresponding regulation, the so-called Mexican FinTech Law, offering expert legal counsel to over 410 financial institutions, including 7 Fintech unicorns, 5 Banks, Venture Capital funds and even the financial regulator.

Our expertise spans corporate law for FinTech Companies, founder vesting, securing investment or loans from angel investors and Venture Capital, intellectual property like trademark and patent registration, regulatory compliance in preventing money laundering, regulatory aspects of virtual assets and digital asset, digital banking, regulation of open banking, open finance and personal data, real estate, regulatory sandbox, plus handling registration and authorization processes, offering regulatory consulting for the operations of Financial Institutions of United States, North America, South America, United Kingdom in Mexico and much more. 


This commitment to excellence and innovation has earned us recognition as part of the top Mexican Fintech lawyers and the most disruptive digital lawyers in Mexico by prestigious firms such as Chambers FinTech, Leaders League and Foro Jurídico. However, what really makes us proud is that 99% of our clients recommend us, valuing our innovative solutions that are transforming the legal industry.

How can we help you?

From the conception of your idea to its launch and operation, we will guide you through every legal step.

Effective planning

We accompany your vision, shaping your product or service to ensure its legal viability


We create a solid and adapted legal infrastructure, essential for the successful launch and operation of your initiative


We ensure that your Financial Product, Financial Entity or Digital Bank not only complies, but excels in complying with all applicable regulations, day in and day out

Publications and news

When it comes to entrepreneurs, investors, private equity funds and companies diving into FinTech projects, doubts are inevitable.

Our cutting-edge, high-tech team is dedicated to generating significant value, solving regulatory changes and challenges in FinTech regulation, driving the industry revolution hand-in-hand with our clients. We know that we face complex challenges in the financial sector such as identity, more efficient electronic payments, credit placement using alternative credit history tools, collective financing with more humane interest rates, investment at the click of a button and, in general, how to make financial products that put Mexico in the place it deserves globally.

For this reason, we have created comprehensive guides to illuminate your path in this exciting universe. 

Neobanks and Wallets FinTech Startup

Hey Banco, Bineo, Nu or Revolut Who will control the Mexican market?


Definitive Guide to What is the FinTech Law?

Financial Institutions

What is the level of digital transformation of financial institutions and virtual currency in Mexico?

Ready to take your FinTech Company or Financial Institution to the next level? 

Let us be your guide on this exciting digital journey

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