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Revolutionizing FinTech with Generative Artificial Intelligence

Are you adding AI to your FinTech?

With a market value of more than US $10 billion in 2024, you can't afford not to...

The Problem

It is expensive and difficult

In the fast-paced FinTech world, the development of generative artificial intelligence represents a titanic challenge, as intricate as it is fascinating.

We are faced with a task worthy of Hercules: how to make it easy and cost-effective?

Easy and accessible

What if we told you we've found a way to make it easy and affordable too?

With Legal Paradox®, artificial intelligence is not a luxury, but a practical tool that complies with regulations and is at your fingertips.

The Solution


We can build a Generative Artificial Intelligence assistant for flow automation, according to your specific needs, with your brand voice and logo and embed it in your website.  

Do your customers prefer Whatsapp?

No problem, with us you can make it possible. 

Bases de datos.png

Knowledge bases

Create powerful knowledge bases


Driven by the latest LLMs

We can use Open AI GPT 4, Bard, Llama 2, Falcon and more


Lead Generation

We can create customized forms to collect data from your potential users


Privacy and Security

Your data is secured using robust AWS encryption and privacy standards



Let your customers talk to your assistant instead of writing



You can extract meaning and emotion from your data

Use cases

- Improve your customer service. 

- Generate an effective sales strategy.

- Check the Official Journal of the Federation so you don't miss any modification to your legal framework. 

- Give the service your client wants and offer personalized recommendations.

- Perform KYC analysis and money laundering prevention. 

- Educate your customers and users.

- Explain your terms and conditions or contracts.

- Gain access to specific content of mileage contracts. 

The possibilities are endless... and all starting at $6,000 pesos per month (terms and conditions apply). 

You are not sure and want an example

Play with the virtual assistant we created for Asociación FinTech México!

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