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You are now innovative, disruptive and digital.

Leave the "traditional" lawyers behind. More than 400 companies have already done so.

What are our services?

The best integral and specialized legal advice in Mexico in the following areas:

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About Legal Paradox®

Since 2007, we have been promoting innovative projects throughout Latin America.

We are committed to redefining wealth and positioning our region where it belongs: at the forefront of innovation. 

As a result, we have been distinguished as the top 2% of lawyers in the world and recognized as the most disruptive digital lawyers in Mexico. 

What is our added value?

Our strength lies in our deep understanding of technology. Part of our team leads courses on innovation, disruption and digitalization in the most prestigious universities in Latin America.  

Agile teams

We have multidisciplinary teams and we are your single point of contact.

We have a transparent and predictable payment system.

Premium Legal Solutions

Technology experts with legal solutions that adapt to the size of your challenges.

For the Most Complex Digital Transformations

When the stakes are high and success is your only option.

Armando Betancourt / Head of Partnerships / Google Pay Latam

"The best way to describe Legal Paradox® is as a full stack advisor, they understand the entire value chain, from the business case, regulatory framework, ecosystem challenges and have been a great ally in eliminating myths related in adoption of technologies such as Cloud, AI and Blockchain"
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